🎰 Track user interaction in a privacy focussed world

Data sourcing is an important part of Analytics Engineering and user interaction data is one of the most valuable data sources.

But we will get less and less user-based interaction data. So what are our options? Just have less data? Not really an option.

For product and marketing development this kind of data is essential for all improvement processes.

There are different solutions:
πŸ–¨ Technology – Server-Side tracking will become a major focus in all setups – it’s a future must have

🀫 Privacy-aligned tracking layers – tracking will become a multi-layered approach. One regular when you have a user consent – and an anonymised one (with no user based data)

πŸ§ƒ Marketing Attribution – here comes the tricky one – attribution involves conversion windows. Conversion windows need some kind of persistent data. Apple’s SKAdnetwork might be a solution, but Apple is not known as great service provider. An attribution based on the different stages of the lifetime can be a solution (which would work with 1 day conversion windows).

There is plenty of work in this area of data sourcing that can easily keep one Analytics engineer busy.