πŸ”– Google Tagmanager

πŸ”– Google Tagmanager and any kind of other tag manager (Tealium, Launch,..) are an essential part of a solid behaviour data & marketing setup.

Philipp Baron Freytag von Loringhoven wrote yesterday a very good post what TM are not (β€œHey, I can now publish all these weird looking scripts on our website without asking dev”).

So, here is my list of usual mistakes I find in Tag Manager setups:
– No naming convention – I know boring, even super boring. But trust me, proper naming (eg. category – tag type – details) save time, onboard new people easier and prevent errors
– Deploy without testing – Best practice: 4 eyes principle. You develop something in a new workspace, test it, document your tests, invite a different person to review (maybe a developer) and then deploy
– No monthly reviews – check on a monthly base which tags are still needed (send marketing the list of marketing tags), which vars, triggers and tags are not connected – archive vigorously
– Your agency from 5y ago can still deploy tags – check the user list of your GTM account at least once a month

In some earlier days I would also have added: don’t add 1 trigger, 1 tag per tracking event heavily using CSS click handlers. But I saw 2 setups where they managed that really well. So go for it if you like it.