😔 Why is this tracking event not showing up in my data?

When you work with event data that you collect on your frontends, investigating why some data does not arrive is an essential task.

This week I want to dive a bit deeper on how to figure out why your tracking is not arriving. 

Today we look at the bottom layer – which requests are the browser sending to the analytics servers. This is usually the first place I look when something is wrong with the tracking.

🎡 – In your favourite browser open the developer tools – Right-click “Investigate Object” (make sure you don’t have some ad blocking active)

🏂 – Switch to the “Network” tab – go to the website you want to investigate (and hit reload if you are already on it) – now you see all requests that the browser is loading and sending – filter for XHR

🎪 – Now look for the analytics requests. You can find them by checking the endpoint urls or by filtering by the name. Click on the entry and then check what data has been sent in the request. 

If you can’t find the event you are looking for, there might be an issue with the tracking. If you find two of them, there is an issue as well.