🤔 “Do you know where we track the ‘Newsletter Subscription submitted’ button?”

When you are responsible for a data setup, you will hear these questions pretty often. 

😶 And let me tell you a secret – I ask myself these questions far too often. 

Many times I go back in the setup and test where a specific event is fired. So I started to work on a better documentation setup that covers these questions for future days. And I extend the information whenever I recognized I also need more context (tags fired with the event, dataLayer payload).

🏂 Today, I make extensive documentation using Miro-Boards. They help me a lot but are not perfect for others to understand them.

So the idea to make a product based on it was growing in my head for some time. Announcing today – a new Documentation as a service:

Mind the docs – a documentation platform for analytics & data setups (and more in the future).

The best thing – we try to help you with a bunch of automatic generation. Because we know how much work it takes to have excellent and current documentation.

This week I will write about great documentation – what it needs, great examples, common failures. 

Follow me for the updates and more information on Mind the docs.