Building in public . Focus, baby – edition

If you want to build a successful product the one ingredient you can’t miss is focus. But what should you do, when you usually struggle to focus?

“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.” – Criss Jami.

Focus is a weak spot for me. I can often only concentrate for a short time. My mind is always wandering. Put me on a beach, on a towel – my mind will work on concepts for digital products. It never stops. I read several books at the same time. I watch several tv-series at the same time.

No surprises that I struggle to focus on one product idea. I have plenty in my head, more in my text-files, and more come on new days.

But the primary success rule of creating a product is Focus. Period.

So, while building my product, I am also trying to learn how to focus.

When I am talking about focus, I don’t mean sitting down and doing a full concentration task (that rarely works for me).

No, focusing on decisions is something I have difficulties with (and usually only when it affects me – when preparing clients’ decisions, I can clearly focus).

What is the best next task? Should I invest time into this?

The first thing that is starting to help me is to delegate first. I recently read the book “Who not how”– and the content itself was not new (you need to delegate when you want to grow). But the way they described it made me click. Especially the phrase “who not how “is now triggered in my head, when I am starting to think “how… “. And these triggers are gold, mostly when we can’t focus.

Another thing that helped me was going public. And so this post is part of it. I now have an invisible commitment because I am writing about datatasks and telling people about it. On the day I announced it, all my other ideas became more irrelevant in my head, and datatasks got a huge push.

My next focus area is how I do the planning. My hope is, with a thorough plan that has a lot of logical structure in it, the focus will get easier.

Final tip. What helps me daily. I use 30m in the early morning, before I start anything, to write down the tasks I want to achieve today, then estimate the time and make sure that I don’t overbook. Without this session, a day always feels lost from the beginning. This structure helps a lot.

Final note. I allow myself a small side project. I had several internal discussions with myself. Why am I doing this? It’s close to the Datatasks idea; it will use 70% of the same tech stack. Let’s see. I will revisit it frequently, and I don’t announce until the v1 is ready.

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