Copywriting is for me really the hardest part. But I found some good resources

I spent the weekend to work on a new version of the datatasks website. Mostly on the copy.

Christian Lubasch gave me feedback and it was: “Only when I reached the bottom and watched the video I had an idea what datatasks is about” – Autsch

But he was right. The initial copy was only describing the service from a very very high level.

To get an idea how to improve it I checked my bookmarked copy writing resources. Mainly Neville Medhora (

I love his approach to copy. And I guess that is one of the secrets of copy. Everyone has their style and some work for you and other not. Neville’s work for me 100%.

Based on some use cases I started to rewrite.

Did some design tweaks as well. 

And voila – new website version:

Any feedback? – Would love to hear it.