Do you love 3D Secure when shopping online?

With the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) guidelines you can be sure to have it in all journeys

And you have it in your analytics referrer data – massive

🐬 SCA requires business in the EU to activate 3D secure check for all credit card transactions

πŸ€΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ The banks love to have very individual websites where they ask for the 3D secure check

πŸ¦– Now you have plenty new bank urls in your referrer data – screwing up your marketing attribution in Google Analytics

πŸ„ I just added 20 (yes, 20) new bank domains to a clients referral exclusion list – it’s so much fun to do it one by one

πŸ§‡ Make sure to check your referral list on a weekly base for new bank urls and add them to the referral exclusion list. After 6-8 weeks you should be good.

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