Does Firebase Analytics support SKadnetwork for iOS out of the box?

With the iOS 14.5 release I had already a lot of fun in the different documentation of Google, Firebase in particular and Apple.

I was trying to find out if Firebase would support SKAdnetwork natively.

Because if it does, you can theoretically build a setup with additional marketing attribution services like Adjust or Appsflyer.

Firebase/Google keeps it still pretty generic:
“You can easily implement SKAdnetwork solution by upgrading to the latest version of Google Analytics for Firebase. This will automatically register your apps for SKAdnetwork attribution [..]”

Seems to be easy… 

But I am sceptic about “consented users”. Do I need the AppTracking Transparency prompt? Checking the Apple SKAdnetwork docs:

“Do I need to ask for user permission to track in order to use SKAdNetwork?
No. [..], so you do not need to use the AppTrackingTransparency prompt.”


Now the big question – does it work so easily out of the box in Firebase? I am still looking for proper test cases.

Does someone out here already tested SKAdnetwork in Firebase? And can confirm the implementation?