I had this post in my head for some time

And Rene Hentschel we talked about the topic the last time we met. So here is my take on “stop doing analytics”:

So, your data doesn‘t spark joy – stop tracking it!

Sorry for the Marie Kondo reference, but I am still grinning, imagining myself holding a Google Analytics report in my hands, looking at it, and muttering – No, I don‘t feel joy…

Honestly, we need to talk about how cool life is without thinking about data.

I am really curious about other opinions on that topic. What’s your take on “stop using analytics”? Rene HentschelMark BosoldChristian LubaschMarc PreuscheMikko PiippoMaik BrunsPhilipp Baron Freytag von LoringhovenMaria-Lena Matysik ?