“I have just started in the data team last week on Monday. .”

“I have just started in the data team last week on Monday. And today, 10 days after, I already planning new tracking events and working on a refactor of some tag manager implementation.”

Sounds cool, isn’t it. Getting people to get their tasks done is one of the greatest things a team can achieve.

A major part plays documentation in it.

What makes a great documentation:

🧑🏻‍🚀 It knows the target audience. How much context do people have about the topic you are writing about. Software developers usually have not much about tracking and data setups in particular. So you need to build a bridge.

🧃 It evolves – Boring… of course it does. But documentation is a product in itself. So you need to handle it like it. Get Feedback, Measure and Evolve

🤖 It has a structure – The thing I did not understand until recently. Most documentation fail because they are so heterogeneous that you can’t easily find things and scan through it. Great API documentation like the one from stripe show how structure helps to work with a documentation (ok, API has a structure by itself).

This week I will write about great documentation – what it needs, great examples, common failures. 

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