I spent now 5 days to write about the magic of tracking plans and today is the last part. For now.

A tracking plan solves many things – but everything has limits. 

Here are the limits I see in tracking plans:

☃️ – Tracking plan != Good tracking – the obvious one. It’s a plan. The reality needs to get checked based on it regularly.

🎰 It outdates pretty quickly (often after 1-2 weeks) – business moves on and the tracking plan needs to follow. It’s often much harder to maintain it. Processes help here (new product feature -> ticket for new tracking plan feature).

🏄‍♂️ The tracking plan is 20% of a tracking documentation. It’s more a technically documentation. Business usually needs a more extensive and visual documentation

On Monday I will show a first glimpse on a new product I am building which is extending the documentation idea for Analytics & Data setups. Which is build on top of tracking plans and setups and connects the different meta information in one place. And it gets generated automatically… 😳 (70% of it).