In 5y we will see 50 new unicorns

My April 2021 Prediction:
In 5y we will see 50 new unicorns in the data category that don’t exist today or are rather small.

It is fascinating to see how the data category is exploding after the dawn of the cloud data warehouses. And it seems to accelerate with every month.

One of the driving forces, I guess, is that companies now start to understand that it is not sufficient to just hire Data Scientists.

I know enough DS who became part-time Data engineers to get the data for their actual job. And they learned that this is hard business and takes a lot of time and energy.

So we can now see the real RISE OF THE DATA ENGINEER. Far beyond working on nasty data pipelines. And this rise will create 500+ new services in the data field. And I predict that this growth will be so rapid and big, that we easily will see 50 unicorns emerging in this area.

These are exciting times to be in data.

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