Let me tell you a story…

These words are a hardcore trigger for me. If you want my attention, this is the best way. I crave for new stories.

In Dave Gerhardt’s Podcast (link in comments) with April Dunford both talked a bit about how powerful origin stories are for companies but also for individuals.

And that got stuck with me and I sat down to record the story of datatasks. This was a good practice because thinking and talking about it, surfaced the real reason why I am doing datatasks (which has nothing to do with bad analytics data).

And I think it is a good training for everyone.

– Think about why and how you become what you are and what you are doing today
– Try to write it down, tell it other persons and see how your background story develops
– Use this story whenever you want to give context about your decisions or when you apply for a new job or when you start a company.

I would love to see more companies to have a “our story” page instead of a loveless “about us” page.

So, now I want to hear your stories 

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