Migrate Google Analytics from Universal to v4

Do you know the clear pass to headaches, planning meetings, frustration, “if I had thought about this” moments?

Migration is the answer…

I am wondering how the migration from Universal to Google Analytics will look like?

🍄 – No migration at all – Google will just let you keep your old Universal property and you have the new data in the v4 property – this would really sucks

🐬 – Full migration to v4 – Google will have a magic button and has an automatic way to integrate the old data into the new schema. 

Theoretically this should be doable. 

Segment has an Event Playback feature for ages, that allows you to add historic event data into new accounts. The major thing that prevents it in Google Analytics is the inflexible date/time field in the measurement protocol. It allowed a going back of only 4h. If this becomes more flexible it would be easy to push old events in it (even ourselves). 

But the new measurement protocol still has the timestamp for only 48h in the past.

Google please let us backdate events…. Please.. 🙏

How will the migration look like in the end. I am really curious to see.

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