Multi-Funnel Reports in Google Analytics

Multi-Funnel Reports in Google Analytics are like the bright kid in your class who does things brilliantly but often in a very different way.

So misunderstanding is a built-in feature:

🪢 In MF reports ALL conversions are in the reports. Meaning all conversion goal completions + all transactions. I ran into this twice and spent some time to get my head around this. You can select the conversions you want to add to a report in the upper left corner

🏪 MF report data is always a bit later ~2 days longer it takes until all data processed and shown in the reports

⏬ Direct is direct in MF. In normal reports Direct traffic is always based on GA’s weird last-non direct model. Meaning if a user has a cpc, then direct touchpoint before a conversion, cpc gets the conversion. In MF direct gets this conversion.

🗓 MF has a default 30 days look-back window (can be extended to max 90d). Default reports don’t have a max look-back. Ok, browser tech is making this more and more irrelevant (ITP).

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