#nocode Weekend side-project

I am a no-code sceptic. But you can be a proper sceptic if you know the things. So I had an idea on Saturday and instead of doing a quick prototype using NextJS I went for a no-code setup:
Airtable (DB) + pory.io (webapp)

What did I build:

An analytics and data questions repository.

I always wanted a place where I can collect two kind of questions:

– Insight starter questions: Every analysis starts with the right questions. When it is well formed finding the answers is easy.

– Problem solver questions: More a stack overflow approach. We all have questions to weir data effects, tool behaviour and data quality.

Well, there is a place now for this:

I will try to extend it whenever I come across a question and will use it as my repository. But please use it as yours as well. And when you have a question, just add it to the repo.