Podcast episode recommendation

Podcast episode recommendation.

Again some Snowplow content but this time with Christian Lubasch as Host and Yali Sassoon as guest.

Great talk about behavioural analytics.

My take-aways:
– the Snowplow positioning is getting really better – the behavioural event foundation instead of 10 different trackers works really good for me

– with the future movements of the DWH as central source of truth but also as source for everything beyond (see reverse ETL) – Snowplow can become the n1 service for event tracking

– the future is also build with multi-track tracking. Consented data for marketing, anonymous for product. And with snowplow you can easily handle the multiple tracks. I am a strong believer in the multi-track approach (I guess anon marketing would be nice as well).

– Open source is the key – see also Yali’s other awesome non-profit project: Neotree


If you have not, also subscribe to Chris’ podcast. He is not publishing so often (maybe this will improve), but when you can be sure that you will have great data content 😁.