Refactoring πŸ›  can be a huge productivity invest in the future NOT only for developers

I spent yesterday evening refactoring some python functions I wrote some days ago. 

Refactoring is for me like going on a run. I know that is healthy, but I lack motivation to start. But if you do it regularly it becomes a lot easier.

The cool thing after refactoring is, that future tasks will become much easier 🌳

And I think this also works beyond development:
πŸͺ Refactor the files you have created by the end of the day: moving to proper folders, renaming
πŸ‘» Refactor the tasks you plan ahead for the week: Move ahead the unrealistic ones, select the ones that work best for you this week
😻 Refactor your LinkedIn Profile texts – just did that yesterday

And for data & analytics it works in all different areas
🩴 spent some time with GTM refactoring: generalise triggers, clean up unused tags, generalise tags
πŸ‘‘ SQL queries – huge potential for refactoring – mostly with WITH

I would love to refactor upcoming meetings but I have no idea yet, how to approach it.