Relational, NoSQL, Document-based, Cloud Database, Time-Series,…

There is one thing you will find in every data setup – even when you don’t see them:

Databases are truly fascinating. I will write about all things database this week.

Let’s start with some history:

Late 70s – Late 90s
The relational area – It all started with the relational data model by Ted Code and initiated first relational Databases like IBM DB2 or Ingres (which later became Postgres (Post Ingres). Data is stored in different tables that can have relations between them (1:1,1:n,n:m). A very efficient and storage-friendly way to work with data. On top a query language was developed SQL (Initially SEQUEL – Standard English Query Language – was shortened to SQL because of Trademark issues).

2000er – the internet explosion (got us NoSQL)
With the internet, databases got a new job. Now they were the backbone of serving content to websites. And they got really hard issues. They were build for single-nodes setups. Their licences were high because companies before needed not so many of them. So, scalability was a huge issue.