Still waiting for Apple to roll out their data consent in iOS 14?

Did you think that this is it for Apple? So everything fine on Tracking prevention.

You bet. Let me tell you about the newest Apple tracking thing

🕵️ It’s called “Private Click Measurement”

🎢 The goals of PCM is to provide a non-user based ad click and conversion attribution between web-web and app-web

🪴 It’s a cookieless approach to marketing tracking with a 7 days lookback window (which would still be hard for some business models)

🤗 To be in full charge it needs all other browsers beside webkit to implement this standard. Apple is already in talks with them.

🤔 Does it prevent any tracking? No, not in this framework at the moment. It provides an anonymous way to track marketing campaigns. But why adding it, when not later preventing cookie based marketing attribution 🤷‍♂️