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Youtube video monitoring & analytics by crawling the video detail page

I would like to have the basic video metrics - views, likes, dislikes, comments on a daily base. Additionally, channel metrics like subscribers. Then some context data like title, tags.

Do EU companies now have to stop using Google Analytics?

When it happened, it went surprisingly silent. On 16.07.2020, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) announced that the Privacy Shield agreement is cc with EU law and due that not active anymore.

Why do I work with analytics data?

Let’s be honest, data and particular analytics data does not have a good reputation in public at the moment.

Google Analytics vs. Adobe Analytics - a benchmark starting point and guide for people who switch

Can you compare the two oldest and well established Analytics suites? Yes, I think you can compare them.

“Who can see my data day” - Every 2nd of the month

There are plenty of “Days for X”. It looks like someone invents one every day. So I create one today myself - The “Who can see my data” Day.

The dawn of server-side tracking

Client-side tracking is getting more difficult, with browsers like Safari, Firefox and Brave and with a rising use of ad-blockers. Server-side tracking is not difficult to add and gives you an additional layer of data when the client one is missing.