The magic of tracking plans (1/5)

After 10 years of data & analytics consulting I still love to create tracking plans – even after the 50th. 


🛠 A tracking plan is creating a model for how a website or application works. What user journeys happen? What information is useful for later analysis?

📓 It’s a document you can use as foundation to discuss with all stakeholders, what events are important in your service and especially “how do we name them” – so everyone understands them

🧑🏻‍🚀 It’s a bit of engineering how abstract I do the events. How much information gets into the event attributes? What is a good amount of events? When do we have to many?

🤓 It’s a written promise of cool data analysis possibilities in the near future. “How cool will it be when I can segment my traffic by…”

Part 2 – “What does a good tracking plan look like” coming tomorrow. Follow me, so you don’t miss the other magic things about tracking plans.