The magic of tracking plans (3/5)

There is one tricky thing about tracking plans.

Yesterday I wrote that creating a tracking plan is no rocket science. And it’s not – it’s really straightforward. 

But one thing needs training: Envision the kind of analysis that will be done with the data. 

Here are some things to keep in mind:

🧠 Think about potential segmentation – What could be interesting segments you like to analyze? People who selected a specific option during signup – People who skip videos? These are things you might want to add as events or attributes

🎒 Cluster broad data – that is a classic one. Imagine scroll level or video play time. Adding the % of scrolling or the current seconds played has no use in most analysis. Splitting things into quartiles makes it great for segmentation: 0,25,50,75

🦤 Avoid user generated content – If you have entries that users can set, don’t add them to the tracking. Like tags or categories. You can’t really group them because they differ by default and you might add PII data by accident.

Part 4 “Tracking Plan – Pro Mode” coming tomorrow.
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