We are failing big in data & analytics when it comes to diversity

So a big shout out to the great women I’ve worked together with on data projects: Iskriyana VasilevaMaria-Lena MatysikSarah RichterLena MüllerFranziska Roediger

See, the list is far too small – I definitely failed there.

Empowering female analysts, empowering diverse data setups should be our top priority.

Some ideas I try to do (but still need to improve)

– Diversify your team – A team where everyone shares the same background and mindsets is cool at first sight but often fails to see and react to the real world. Diverse groups make it more challenging to come up with consolidations, but the results are usually much better in my experience
– Give everyone a voice – just a few are good at selling their ideas. Develop a way to get the ideas from everyone on the table. 1:1 meetings are still the best format for me to establish a foundation to get everyone heard
– Grow people – Based on the point before. Skills can be trained – attitude is much harder to change. Invest in growing people – keep in touch with them where they want to grow.