“Who can see my data day” – Every 2nd of the month

There are plenty of “Days for X”. It looks like someone invents one every day. So I create one today myself:

The “Who can see my data” Day.

I have been working as a freelance analytics consultant now for five years. When I start a project, it usually requires access to the Analytics tool and tag manager. Most of the time, this is full access due to some weird permission handling in Google Analytics.

Some projects go on over the years, some just for weeks.

When I log into my Google Analytics account today, I still see 90% of the accounts I worked for.

So I still have access to the data. In most cases, the person I have worked with is not in that company anymore. Unfortunately, there is no way that I can revoke my access on my end (at least I haven’t found one).

So, therefore:

Every 2nd of each month, I will post an awareness reminder on Social media.

Your task today is:

  • Go into your Analytics & Tag Manager account
  • Go to the Admin section
  • Go to the user section
  • Check all users listed there
  • Say hello to all the lovely people from all the agencies and former teammates
  • Remove everyone who is not working on your data right now
  • Done! Perfect, great job.

How to check it in Google Analytics

Open Google Analytics Click on Admin in the button left sidebar:

We start on the left with Account Settings. Click on “Account User Management”

Check all people on the list.

(in case It’s just me)

Check if they still work on the data, if not remove them: Select the user and click on remove in the top right:

Feels good?

For the remaining one, check if their permission level still fits. “Read & Analyze” is sufficient for most users.

Next, go to the property section:

Here check again. Make sure to check all views. If that takes longer because you have so many views, maybe check if all these are still necessary….


Perfect. Your data is now secure. Not a bad feeling, huh?

Thanks for participating in the “Who can see my data” day, see you next month : )