working in a difficult task or building something

When you are working in a difficult task or building something there are always blockers.

These blockers are great feedback for you.

They can be either be based on experience and if you get through, they will get less and less (my first development projects took days to debug – today it can happen that I write an implementation that needs no debugging).

But there are blockers where you are tinkering around and start to avoid them. You postpone working on them. I learned for me these ones can have a different message: “stop wasting time on me and get someone else on board”. 

For me this is Frontend development. I hate wasting my time to make pixel-perfect HTML & CSS versions. I don’t get into the React-way of thinking. So I decided (after years of trying) to not waste my time on it anymore. This is the area where I look for external help. Such a relief.

I get into more details about this in my latest podcast episode where I describe why I go back to my Django roots for the “mind the docs” implementation: