You have a great first tracking plan in your spreadsheets

Now your company, your team, your service is growing and so your tracking plan grows and it’s no fun to do it in a spreadsheet.

Products like AvoIteratively and Trackplan are offering the next level tracking management.

So, what is the pro level:

🎪 a central place to collaborate on a tracking plan – work together as data team and with all the stakeholders on extending and optimizing your tracking plan. Iteratively calls this the tracking contract – which I really like.

⏲ versioning – create a new branch of the tracking when you are working on a new product feature – release & merge the branch once the feature gets released – work in parallel on different new versions of the tracking

🧃 Generate your tracking SDKs – based on your current version of the tracking plan you can generate SDKs for your platforms. This gives developers type-safe libraries to implement the tracking. No more guesses how events and attributes are called.

Part 5 “The limits of a tracking plan” coming tomorrow.
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