I’m Timo Dechau. I live in Aalborg, Denmark with my family.

Spending my first 8y digital years in product taught me the importance of having reliable data to move faster and make better decisions. So I spent the last 8y creating, maintaining, refactoring, and simplifying data stacks for all kinds of companies from start-ups to DAX listed companies. Always figuring out the best path for time to value and having reliable data at the same time.

And ever since that worked out well, I started teaching the ropes of data & tracking design to everyone who visits Deepskydata.com. Good for my students because I love tracking so much that you might start to wonder if it's problematic, but fear not, I hereby declare that I only love to track products, subscriptions, purchases, and content. I definitely don't love to track users or customers, because let's face it, that's just creepy. Data protection is a core asset for all of Deepskydata’s projects and I won't work on anything that goes against it. So, if you need help with your tracking and data collection, you know who to call (hint: it's not the NSA - but maybe Ghostbusters).